WORLD ROWING CHAMPS 2010 - Lake Karapiro NZ

This year's World Rowing Championships take place on the magnificent Lake Karapiro in New Zealand. The dates for racing are from Sunday 31st October to Sunday 7th November and there is a major change in the format this year with finals taking place over four days.

I had the good fortune to be involved in the 1978 World Championships in Karapiro and have returned to the lake to cover rowing events on numerous occasions.

For further information follow this link to the official Worlds site.

Adaptive: ASM1x. ASW1x. LTAMix4+.

Mens: M1x. M2x. M4x. M2-. M4-. M8+. LM1x. LM2x. LM2-. LM4-

Womens: W1x, W2x. W4x. W2-. W8+. LW2x. LW4x.

Various: Opening Ceremony. People. Scenes. General. Closing Ceremony.

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