Philippa & James' Wedding

Friday 8th June 2012

What a lovely day it was! Well, we all congregated on the island of Gozo, some of us because we live there but many others from Malta, the UK and even further afield. For most of us it was also a great opportunity to holiday for a week and with clear blue skies and temperatures around 28 it really couldn't be better! In fact we later heard that the UK were experiencing gale force winds, rain and flooding and cold - we all chose the right week to be away. During the week we met up in various bars and restaurants and visited the wonderful bays and villages and by the wedding day pretty much everyone knew everyone else. So to the big day. We all congregated on the town of Sannat where Charlotte and David reside for much of the year and made our way to the Church of St Margaret, in our case thanks to Mario's taxis. We took our places and waited... and pretty much on time Philippa arrived - looking stunning - on the arm of David. The Service went without a hitch, nobody objected and Fr Camilleri pronounced them Man & Wife, to applause from the congregation. After the service the 'happy couple' posed for photos outside the Church and then at a 'secret rendezvous', whilst we all travelled to Ta Frenc Country Restaurant by 'antique' buses. We were greeted by Champagne and Pimms and before long we were all seated in the courtyard for a great meal - reminiscent of Mama Mia! The speeches preceded the meal and were accompanied by much Champagne. After the meal the cake was cut and the bouquet was thrown - and with a throw like that Philippa should be selected for the England Cricket Team. The festivities continued until the early hours....

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