Caroline & Ben's Wedding

Verona - Saturday 29th December 2012


Well of course, as father of the groom I am a bit biased here! But it wasn't just me, everyone thought the wedding was absolutely fantastic. First the background. It was around a year earlier that Ben asked Caroline to marry him - and she said 'Yes'. The only problem was, of course, that Ben and Caroline live and work in Shanghai, which is just a bit too far for a day-trip. Caroline is half-Italian, so they decided that the appropriate thing might be to marry in Italy, near where Caroline's father Mario lives, and relatively easier for their European friends and family to reach. And this was what happened! Arranging a wedding from thousands of miles away was just a tad complicated - and it require a trip to Verona in the summer to tie up the details. Thus, right after Christmas, we all 'jetted' or 'drove' or 'trained' to Verona and to the lovely hotel just outside the town. The hotel used to be a monastery many years ago and one could not have imagined a better venue. Having installed ourselves in the hotel it was one continuous party, suppers on the first evening and then Hen and Stag parties on the second and then the wedding day. Immediate family travelled to Verona Town Hall for a lovely relaxed Civil Ceremony in the most wonderful panelled room. The deed done we all toasted the newly-weds in a champagne in the town and then photographer Sassy took Ben and Caroline for a whirlwind tour of the old town for some great photos. After that, and the champagne bottles emptied, it was back to the hotel where all the guests were already celebrating! Caroline made a quick change into her formal 'wedding dress' and we all assembled in the wedding hall. Spot on time (well a few minutes late) Caroline appeared, on the arm of her Father. The wedding service was again relaxed and fun and everyone got involved. After the wedding it was more photos and 'meeting & greeting' before the confetti shower. This led us all into the Cellar for - you guessed it - more champagne and some delicious canapes. Ben and Caroline had taken a great deal of trouble with planning and setting up the hall for the wedding breakfast - and it all looked magnificent as we came into the room. Once we were all seated we had the speeches before the meal - so much better that way - and there followed a wonderful meal, many courses and plenty of wine and the place simply 'hummed' with chatter and laughter. After the meal we moved upstairs to the dance floor and the Italian band were great and kept young and old leaping about until the late late hours. We also had the opportunity to initial and lock a padlock onto a metal 'tree' which is all the fashion! By midnight many were wilting - though some maintained the action until the early hours! A few did not make it to breakfast the next morning. After breakfast we went our different ways, some back to the UK, many joining Caroline and Ben on a skiing trip further north and a few extending the trip to see a bit more of Italy.

And so to the photos! Sassy has published some of her photos here and at the time of writing there were 45 pics. I was 'off duty' as a photographer, so could relax a little more, but I couldn't 'not' take any photos - and apologies in advance that my photos include the local tourist sites, plus lots of family snaps. My photos can be viewed on my 'cloud' which is at this address here - these can be downloaded as full-sized images though I believe some Apple devices won't allow this. So, you can also view my photos by clicking here.If By popular request I've added the photos to Dropbox, so if you want to use this then use the following link (or paste into your browser).

If you would like me to email you a full-sized image or a DVD of them all...then please contact me. I've written too much - but wasn't it a great few days?