The Olympic Torch Lights up Reading

Well we'd all seen the Torch being carried throughout the country on the news coverage - but seeing it in 'the flesh' was something else! On Tuesday 10th July I positioned myself on the course, near The Oracle in Reading, where the road crosses the River Kennett. Initially there were ten of us. Thirty minutes later there were more like 10,000! All along the route it was 'shoulder-to-shoulder' and more than five deep, such was the interest and enthusiam of the Reading populace. I was there principally to support the Chairman of British Rowing, Di Ellis, who has been driving force behind the incredible progress of British Rowing over the past thirty years. Spot on time Di gently trotted into sight, with the huge support of the crowds. The following day, Wednesday 11th July, I travelled to Christchurch Gardens in order to photograph another Torch Carrier - former Great Britain Junior coxswain Dan Mayer. Dan clearly enjoyed his 'five minutes of fame' - as did the spectators! The torch relay clearly brings out the best in all of us and the community spirit and support for the runners was clear. For me it was then a quick dash down the M4 to Thatcham, arriving just before the A4 was closed to traffic. This time it was to see former Pangbourne College oarswoman, Olivia Rendle. Olivia was probably the fastest of the three I followed - and the London 2012 Team had to maintain a good pace to keep with her! Once again there was huge support all along the route. Three great moments in our Olympic experience.

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