The Olympic Regatta

My brief for the Olympic Rowing Regatta was not to photograph the crews but to try to get a 'feel' of the event - "The Noise of the Greasepaint and the Smell of the Crowd" as someone once said! First, getting to the venue. It could not have been easier, train to Maidenhead and then bus to Windsor Race Course and immediately I was aware of two things - the number of spectators on the move and the huge support team on British Rail and the buses who were simply brilliant. It was constant happy faces and helpfulness. In Windsor Race Course the welcome continued along the fairly long walk to Dorney, with great facilities along the route and several amazing bridges to take us across the waterways. Then to the 'airport-style security' which the media had told us would be slow and 'nit-picking'. Not a bit of it. The army personnel were thorough, fast and good-humoured and we were through in no time at all. Arriving at the course was a bit bewildering as all my geographical points of reference had disappeared, I couldn't work out where we were and we were swept along by the thousands of spectators. At a 'normal' World Championship there are plenty of opportunities to watch and photograph all sorts of things - at Dorney the crowds were packed and it was difficult to see, let alone photograph, what was going on. A shame because the supporters were there in their thousands and those that I did 'capture' were so enthusiastic! In fact I returned to Dorney on Thursday and Friday and was able to add more photos of wonderful people - and I also managed to get some crew photos from the stands, showing some Great British crews.

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