World Cup 2 - Dorney 2013

This year the usual European-based World Cup regattas were just a little different from usual, not least because the the first was in Australia! Although this was a big event for those 'down under' and nations from that region, not all the European rowing nations took part, presumably because of the expense and lack of funding. The second regatta of the series was held at Dorney and clearly this was far better supported but again some nations attended some rival events in mainland Europe. Whilst having an event in the southern hemisphere was clearly a good idea, though too expensive for many, it does seem that FISA needs to get the full support of the major players if the World Cup is to be a continued success. That said, the Dorney event was an unqualified success. Having had a couple of major regattas at Dorney in recent years the arrangements ran like clockwork, despite the 'traditional British weather providing us with rain, sun and wind simultaeously. The water was bumpy at times and the lane draws for the finals reflected this. Obviously the GB team was the largest entered but it was not only numerically the largest it was also the most successful, resulting in Great Britain winning the 'Team' Trophy and establishing a big lead for the overall Cup. My photos are from all three days racing and are from the start pontoon, the finish line, the presentations and 'friends and family'.

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