Great Britain Rowing Selection for Belgrade

There was a huge Press Presence at The Caversham Rowing Centre on Wednesday 4th April for the announcement regarding the Team for Belgrade. Belgrade Regatta takes place on the first weekend of May 2012 and is part of the World Cup series but inevitably it will be used as the next step for many nations regarding their Olympic Teams. David Tanner outlined the thinking and plans for the GB Team but, showman that he is, he did not reveal the team (changes) at this point. Unbeknown to those attending the briefing the selected crews were quietly on their way to the Caversham start and as the briefing concluded the crews commenced a row past. Many crews were as expected, particularly in the women's and lightweight categories, but there were some 'shakeups' in the men's team, mainly concerning the pair going into the four - and its knock-on effects, with a new pair and changes to the eight. On the sculling side the successful double is now integrated into the quad, meaning the formation of a new double. The team for Belgrade may change and no doubt the decisions will be reviewed after the event! Please read the following before you rush to the photos - it will make life easier for you! All the photos are stored on my Cloud Drive, which is available 24/7 without any need to email or any contact. Although it is possible to access my Cloud Drive using a smartphone or an ipad, these will probably be relatively slow - a 'fast' computer is best. When you click the link below you will be taken to a folder called GB Rowing Team for Belgrade and within this are around 100 photos. You will see two ways of viewing the photos, list and icon, icon is probably the best. Depending on your computer, it may be a little while before the thumbnails appear and if you are impatient you could click on The Slideshow where you will see a band of photos plus a larger selected image (low resolution). You can make a note of the images you wish to download. Then go to the thumbnail of an image you would like and then right-click it. You can then click on 'Download'. Depending on your computer, you will then get an option to open or save the image. Your computer's default may be a folder called, suprisingly, 'Downloads'. You would be better to use 'Save As' and put the image(s) into a named folder - GB Team for Belgrade perhaps? If you have a problem then contact me on

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If you wish to use any of these photos in a publication you may do so freely - but I would aks that you add a credit 'Photo by Don Somner'.