The Old Magic Still There!

The Pangbourne Eight of 1963 - Winners of the Princess Elizabeth Cup at Henley.

The Pangbourne Term ends with Founders' Day, usually in the first week of July, which also generally co-incides with Henley Royal Regatta. Pangbourne have won at Henley on several occasions, more often than most other schools, and one of their successes came in 1963, some fifty years ago. The event was The Princess Elizabeth Cup and so, in 2013, the 1963 crew re-assembled to celebrate their wonderful victory. In fact all but one of the 'senior citizens' were tracked down and on Henley Friday met up at the college boathouse in Pangbourne for a practice row. The boat and blades were quite different from 1963, then heavy wood constructions now lightweight kevlar and carbon-fibre. The crew donned new - but tradtional - rowing kit and in lovely summer sunshine they went through their paces. From the first stroke the timing and balance were spot on, or pretty nearly so! I was invited to photograph this reunion outing, prior to the crew appearing the next day to row over the actual Henley course. What a great occasion!

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