Great Britain Rowing Trials

Dorney - March 1o-11 2012


The weekend was dividied into three sections, Saturday morning was heats, Saturday afternoon was repechages or semi-finals and Sunday was finals. The weather was excellent throughout, overcast at first but with sunshine later and a slight tailwind at times. Competition was in singles and pairs for men and women with lightweight classes also. After some sparring in the heats, the Sunday finals were excellent. In the main the 'usual suspects' were successful - but there was some close racing - every bit as competitive as on the Eurpoean circuit. The event was well-attended by the media but the really surprising thing, for a 'closed event', was the number of spectators - literally in their thousands - all along the course. Many of these will have been the usual Dorney weekend visitors but most were serious rowing people and around a hundred brought their bikes and followed the races. Because few rowing people have tickets for the Olympic rowing perhaps local oarsmen saw this weekend as their chance to see - and mingle with - the superstars!

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